Children's Dental Associates
1602 Liberty Place
Sicklerville, NJ 08081

Dr. Crystal E. Choi

Undergraduate:  College of St. Catherine, Summa Cum Laude
Doctorate of Dental Medicine:  Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Specialty Training for Pediatrics:  University of Minnesota

Dr. Crystal Choi often says that "pediatric dentistry is so much more than just cavities or straight teeth, as each child is so unique in his or her demand for care.  Before I begin to evaluate the oral health, I must develop individualized relationship with the child or teen, as well as establish trust with other members of the caring family."

"Those relationships become foundation for building trust with the child, only after which any treatment can be possible."

Dr. Crystal knows a thing or two about being anxious and nervous as she herself had to move from her native country of South Korea to United States when she was young.   Such a background coupled with her extensive experiences working as a camp counselor for adopted children througout her college and dental school have allowed her to develop her unique and gentle style of talking with each child/teen to understand his or her concern.

Parents often ask, "how do you what you do everyday?",  She simply says, "you cannot do it if you don't love what you do, and more importantly, deeply committed to the healthy life-style that each child is going to have.  After all, it is not just about cavities, but about th
e quality of life each child or teen will have in a long run."  
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