Children's Dental Associates
1602 Liberty Place
Sicklerville, NJ 08081

"I have visited multiple offices for my children's dental needs in the past.  My children are especially anxious, and we weren't able to find an office where we felt comfortable.  Dr. Crystal Choi immediately made them feel comfortable by working with the source of their anxieties.  I was so amazed that she was able to work with them, not by relying on the sedative methods, which she does have at her disposal, but by talking with my children at their level.  I was nervous myself before the appointment, but now I have been her loyal patients for several years."
Susan,  Sicklerville, NJ

"My child is 4 years old, and he had significant dental problems.  In addition, he is very shy, and has separation anxiety from me.  He needed multiple extractions and cavities treated, and I couldn't imagine how my boy would be able to do all these treatments.  I went to a couple of the specialty offices, and he couldn't even sit in the chair.  I finally found Dr. Choi's office, and I was astounded how she was able to work with my child.  Eric went from not being able to move from my side to sitting by himself, and being able to do all the treatments and walking out with pride in himself.  I was more nervous than my child, and Dr. Crystal Choi was able to talk me through the treatment and calm me also.  Thank you Dr. Choi!"
Kim,  Williamstown, NJ

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